More than 21,000 new registrations and the creation of a thought leader among part-time job offer portals has been the leading portal for publishing part-time job offers in Slovakia for more than 10 years. Thanks to content marketing, in 2 years of cooperation, we have transformed into an uncontested thought leader, while also significantly improving an array of important metrics.

Project description

Our cooperation dates back to 2013, when there were several articles with tips on the part-time jobs on the portal. A detailed analysis uncovered tremendous potential - people are looking for job-related content, guides related to CVs, job interviews, motivation, earnings, etc. We took advantage of this opportunity and since the analysis has shown that competition in this sector has so far created less valuable content, we have begun with intensive implementation. Over the course of two years, we have published over 100 pieces of various content and several dozens of interviews with influencers to motivate young people into moving forward. Today's successful entrepreneurs, artists or scientists once began their career journeys as part-time workers as well. After a few weeks it was clear that content marketing activities are very beneficial and the content is starting to reach many users. An important part of the process was to optimize and add important topics to the advisory room for part-time workers. Thanks to this activity, we managed to achieve almost 20 times the number of organic visits to the advisory room than before.

Project results

increase in organic traffic


new user registrations


increase in the average time spent on page


most read article visits


news section organic visits since its launch


views of interviews with influencers with no paid support


advisory section increase in organic visits since its redesign


total advisory section visits since its redesign


the number of interviews with influencers