How we created a thought leader amongst roofing manufacturers

More than 900 leads in less than 12 months with no commercial support. Daily organic traffic of over 300 visitors. These are merely the basic achievements of the portal developed for Mediterran Slovakia.

Growth of organic traffic by more than 120% for Viessmann

The nearly 220,000 organic visits in 24 months are the result of creation and distribution of useful content for Viessmann, one of the world's leading manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems.

Covering key themes and building a community for Dacom Pharma

Creating the original portal (also available in the Czech language) dedicated to the prevention and treatment of joint diseases and building an active community of more than 7,000 people for Dacom Pharma, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for joints.

Sales growth by 16% thanks to content marketing for Kura Kráľovské

More than 230% increase in organic visits rate and coverage of hundreds of popular topics related to chicken meat. Furthermore, very significant increase in the number and involvement of fans in social networks.

Creation of a thought leader among part-time job offer portals

Thanks to content marketing, two years of cooperation have transformed into an uncontested thought leader, while also significantly improving an array of important metrics.

A new project about the wealth of natural waters for MINERÁLNE VODY a.s.

MINERÁLNE VODY a.s. is one of the largest mineral water producers in Slovakia. As their partner for content marketing, we have launched the project for the client, which has been nothing but successful since its inception.