Project Dacom Pharma

Covering key themes and building a community for Dacom Pharma

Creating the original portal (also available in the Czech language) dedicated to the prevention and treatment of joint diseases and building an active community of more than 7,000 people for Dacom Pharma, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for joints.

Project description

Our cooperation with the Czech company Dacom Pharma began in 2015 when we developed the portals and The Dacom Pharma company is a manufacturer of joint nutrition supplements, making joint health the focal topic of the portal - the content focuses on the topic of joint diseases from a wider perspective and deals with topics related to prevention, exercise and a healthy diet. Over the course of two years, we have managed to build an active community of people on Facebook as well as a steadily growing audience. The portal is also a media space for the client, which enables them to continuously promote their products.

Project results in 30 months

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